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CoCoRan Pack

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  • MaterialCream
  • Weight70 g


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

* Product Name : CoCoRan Pack

* Type : Mask Pack

* Volume : 8g * 8

* Effect : MOisturizing, Whitening, Remove Black Head, Shrink Pores, Waste Removal

* Manufacturer : MILATTE

* Date of Manufacture : 2015

* Made in Korea


* How to use

 1. Wash your face and remove water and apply toner or any skin care product.
     Take adequate amount and spread evenly all over your face.


 2. Leave it 20-30 minutes. Once it’s dried and tension is felt on face, remove pack.


 3. How to remove the pack : Wet, the dried pack by patting tepid water about 10 times.

    From outward to inward remove the soften pack by pushing and rolling.
    Finish by rinsing face clean.


 4. You can leave the pack while you are sleeping and remove it next morning to get more effect.


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CoCoRan Pack

CoCoRan Pack

CoCoRan Pack

CoCoRan Pack

CoCoRan Pack

CoCoRan Pack

CoCoRan Pack